GroundSure and The Coal Authority join forces to deliver Enviro All-in-One

GroundSure and The Coal Authority join forces to deliver Enviro All-in-One

Having identified the need for a comprehensive environmental search that would also include a full coal mining report, The Coal Authority, together with GroundSure delivers the Enviro All-in-One.
Dr Joe Dearden, Head of Property Search Services at the Coal Authority, said:
“the Enviro All-in-One combines The Coal Authority’s CON29M coal and brine mining report* with a specialist screening report from GroundSure, covering historical land use, flood risk (in England and Wales), natural subsidence hazards and risk from contaminated land. It also includes authoritative information from a number of official sources including natural subsidence hazard data from the British Geological Survey and flood data from the Environment Agency, making it the most comprehensive environment and coal mining report in the market.
The report can help ensure that conveyancing solicitors continue to look after their client’s best interests and ensure that they satisfy their professional due diligence requirements. It includes a fully-interpreted and professional risk-rated environmental screening assessment from GroundSure, with a "Passed" or "In Need of Further Assessment" certificate following individual appraisal by GroundSure’s own in-house Environmental Consultants – removing the burden of interpreting the results of the report yourself. If the site is "In Need of Further Assessment" it doesn’t necessarily mean that the property is unsuitable for purchase, but that further assessment of the risk is required.
Enviro All-in-One offers an exceptional level of fully interpreted information and is available at a cost of £59.70 + VAT via the Coal Authority’s property search website at Off the coalfield areas where natural subsidence hazards, flood and contaminated land risk are still relevant issues for homebuyers, it costs just £36.70 + VAT.”
*Extensive information on past, current and future underground and surface coal mining activity.
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