“Greater Transparency, Efficiency and Commitment” – Sir Bryan Carsberg explains the E-HomeBuying Forum’s Blueprint.

“Greater Transparency, Efficiency and Commitment” – Sir Bryan Carsberg explains the E-HomeBuying Forum’s Blueprint.

The E-Home Buying Forum includes members like Salans, Landmark and Oyez.  It has recently appointed Sir Bryan Carsberg as its Chairman to help it grow and gain influence over the home moving sector and we have been lucky to have him answer some of our questions about the Forum.

Sir Bryan is has previously headed the OFT and OFTEL.  He has also written a report into the regulatory role of RICS and is largely seen as a very significant contributor to the sector.  It has been a coup for the Forum to have attracted such a high level individual.

In explaining the Forum’s view following the suspension of HIPS Sir Bryan said “While we are very pleased to see the scrapping of HIPs, the idea of a seller providing voluntary information up-front remains a good one.”

He went on to say “The Forum therefore believes it is vital that both the buyer and the seller have the necessary information at the outset to understand the processes involved in all aspects of a complete transaction and the possible role of different businesses in helping them with that transaction. Buyers and sellers also need information about choices they can exercise to achieve more efficient completion of the transaction. Examples of such choices include commissioning a home condition report before a property is offered for sale and executing a preliminary agreement as soon as offer and acceptance have taken place.”

The present system “compare(s) very poorly to those throughout the rest of Europe, typically taking between 8-10 weeks from acceptance and exchange. Even worse, approximately 1 in 4 transactions fall through”

Sir Bryan explained that “The E-Homebuying Forum Blueprint sets out a vision for much-need ways in which the residential property industry can better serve the consumer”

The Blueprint calls for great transparency, efficiency and commitment in the system to improve the homebuyers experience.  The full text of which can be read on their website, here.

Unlike other bodies in the sector The E-Homebuying Forum’s membership is drawn from all professions and sectors involved in the home buying process, it intends to “provide a unique and well informed perspective on the need for home buying reform.”

He went on to say that “The Forum hopes to give a holistic approach to reform that is not encumbered by vested interests or historical relationships. It also hopes to provide companies with the opportunity to participate in the debate about the future of the home buying process outside the traditional channels, while recognising the essential role of representative bodies in fighting the corner of their members on issues of sole relevance to their individual sectors.”

Today’s Conveyancer supports the need to reform the home buying process and feels that Sir Bryan may bring the weight of influence required to bring together so many disparate professions and self interests into a coordinated consumer led approach. 

To learn more about the E-Homebuying Forum please follow this link. Membership costs as little as £500 per year for Affiliate Membership.

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