Does your firm rely on conveyancing referrals from Estate Agents? If so, then you need to read this.

Does your firm rely on conveyancing referrals from Estate Agents? If so, then you need to read this.

Over the last 12 months there has been a concerted campaign by the Home Buying and Selling Group, the Conveyancing Association and the Bold Legal group to promote the provision of upfront information for all property sales. Only earlier this year Trading Standards commissioned a survey of all agents to determine what information should be included in the disclosure of material facts  to make a property ‘Market ready’

There is now a host of ‘proptech’ solutions offering agents the ability to collate this information and then pass it on to conveyancers. They in effect see themselves as “HIP Providers” Yes , there it has been said – do we think that the Home Information Pack is back on the agenda albeit under a different guise?

A key opportunity to create valuable relationships.

Here at Law Firm Services we have been supporting the legal industry for many years through our technology. Given the recent rise in transaction volumes, due in part to the SDLT holiday and the pent up demand to move, the need for a speedier process could not be any more keen. Now is the time for law firms everywhere to take the bull by the horns and become the solution for the majority of independent estate agents, making life easier for all parties.

Happy clients, faster?

Our Minerva technology can help you onboard customers in a timely manner, providing you with the fully licensed TA6 and TA10 protocol forms required under the CQS. At the same time, we can provide your estate agent referrers with  all the information they require with no duplication of effort from the client. In addition we can share copies of our Safe Harbour Standard Identification and copies of the title downloaded direct from the land registry.

Thus your agents will be fully compliant at no extra cost and you will have a conveyancing instruction as soon as the property is brought to market

There is no time to waste. Those hip providers are out there signing up your agents and no doubt selling other conveyancing solutions into the bargain.

Give clients the service you strive to achieve

Law firms can help themselves and their estate agency colleagues with this tried and tested solution that provides the very best service creating a great client experience whilst relieving many of the burdens that can create so many of the delays we are all too familiar of.

We help create award winning process

We having been running this up front information process with large agents  Ryder & Dutton with their offices in Greater Manchester and Yorkshire , they have been seeing excellent results using Minerva since July 2020. So much so that this was recognised by the British Conveyancing awards in late May 2021 with their winning the Panel Manager of the Year award.


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  • HIPs in their original form were a good idea just marketed really badly. There was greed from the outset from HIP providers using it as a cash cow. It was really useful to be able to advise a client on a HIP before they expended large amounts on surveyors fees and mortgage valuations in a similar fashion that we advise clients on auction legal packs. HIPs were unpopular because of the cost and were scrapped when the conservatives regained power in 2005. They missed a golden opportunity at that time to improve the conveyancing process but perhaps the technology wasn’t really up it at the time as it would be now.

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