DevAssist Development Risk

DevAssist Development Risk

It’s just over a year since we went national with the aim of helping the legal profession forewarn their property-buying clients about nearby development risks that could impact – negative or positive – on what, for most people, is their biggest asset. Since then we have also launched DevEstate for probate practitioners. 
We’re delighted with the positive reaction we have received from solicitors throughout the UK, and by the fact that we have already assisted thousands of home buyers make better informed decisions on whether they proceed with their purchase. Despite our considerable experience in development even we were surprised with our statistic of exposing major or significant risks in 10% of cases. To ignore our reports is playing development roulette!
Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. However, far bigger challenges lie ahead. The government’s decision to relax the planning rules in order to stimulate the house building market is tempting developers to try their luck. As one council official remarked in the weekly introduction to the recent BBC2 series The Planners: "We are now getting to the situation where any site is worth putting a planning application in".
All the more reason, then, for you to join the fast-growing roster of solicitors who commission our unique search reports on a regular basis. You may wish to find out more about developers land acquisition techniques, and trade secrets, at one of our CPD-accredited courses.
Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter. If there is anything else you would like to know about DevAssist and the services we offer, please call the team on 01342 890010 or visit


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