Conveyancing Blog Awards announced

Conveyancing Blog Awards announced

A number of Conveyancing law firms have been receiving accolades in the last couple of years for their excellence in delivering Conveyancing services.

The Conveyancing Blog awards will recognise one area that has so far been overlooked for celebration.

Conveyancing Blogs have grown significantly over the last few years and many Conveyancers are now using them to reach clients and potential clients.

Blogs are increasingly seen by law firms as a way of generating visitors to their websites.

Conveyancing blogs can be a significant differentiator between rival law firms and a simple way of engaging with visitors with a view to turning them into new clients.

Nominations are open to name your favourite blog whether you are a fellow solicitor, licensed conveyancer, academic, estate agent, consumer, commentator or even that poor lass from the jungle.

The only stipulation is that nominations are restricted to Conveyancers and not suppliers to Conveyancers.

A team of conveyancing experts including Paul Hajek of Clutton Cox and Chris Harris of Today’s Conveyancer will be the judges.

Nominations are open now and will be until 31st December 2012, with winners announced in early 2013. To register your nomination go to Conveyancing Blog Awards 2012 page and click “Vote Now”

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