Changes to EPB Regulations Delayed

DCLG have delayed the proposed changes to the EPB Regulations which were intended to come into force on 1 July 2011.  The changes propose:
an extension of the current requirements to commission an EPC that apply to residential buildings to all residential and non-residential buildings when sold or rented out;
a requirement that an EPC be provided with written particulars for all buildings sold or rented out and the option to attach the asset rating only will be removed. (This will involve a change to the EPC itself with that actual EPC being the first two pages of the total report. The remaining pages are the recommendations and will not need to be attached to the written particulars)
a requirement for the statutory lodgment of air conditioning inspection reports onto the central EPC Register.
It is however DCLG’s intention to ‘bring the changes into force as soon as possible.’  DCLG have written to schemes formally in a document dated June 13, 2011, to notify them of the delay.  The document does not, however, contain further information with regard to a revised timetable for changing the regulations.  It would appear according to NES that DCLG cannot proceed with the proposed changes without clearance from the Regulatory Policy Committee.
Brian Scannell, MD of National Energy Services and Chairman of PEPA, said “We recognise that this news will be very frustrating for members and the industry in general. From research we have carried out at NES, we know that in some sectors there are very high levels of non-compliance and we will be urging DCLG to introduce the changes at the earliest opportunity”.  Scannell is reported to have written to Andrew Stunnell, the Minister responsible for EPBD implementation at DCLG, asking for an urgent meeting to discuss the issue.
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