Bad Hair Day: Bad Conveyancing Day; Do You Change Conveyancing Solicitors?

Bad Hair Day: Bad Conveyancing Day; Do You Change Conveyancing Solicitors?

Paul Hajek of Clutton Cox has allowed us to reproduce a copy of his recent blog for which we are grateful…
If we have a bad experience in a hairdresser’s, a butcher’s or a baker’s, we are more than likely to go elsewhere next time. 
Let’s face it, we, consumers are a fickle lot. 
We, clients on the other hand, are a loyal bunch; and come back for more time after time. 
So, it is somewhat reassuring that clients may not be that interested in buying Conveyancing or other legal services from a non legal brands (whisper it gently-the so called “TescoLaw”). 
The results of a recent survey carried out on behalf of law firm referral service Contact Law and published in the Law Society Gazette said two thirds of consumers would not be happy to buy legal services through non brands such as the AA or Tesco. Only 34% said they would be inclined. 
An overwhelming majority of 84% said that service was much more important than price when purchasing Conveyancing and other legal services. 
Conveyancing Solicitors should not become complacent with these results. 
New rules which do not come into effect until October 2011 will allow so called “Alternative Business Structures” (ABS) to offer some legal services, including Conveyancing. 
Whether legal services such as Conveyancing will become the province of consumers or clients has yet to be fully tested. 
It is a fair bet that some users of Conveyancing services will fall into one camp or the other. 
All the main non legal brands already heavily rely upon Reward schemes to hold onto and improve the service levels to their customers. 
This could also happen in Conveyancing. 
The experience of Conveyancing should be overwhelmingly positive, so that a consumer or customer can remain loyal to that particular firm of solicitors, and become and be treated as a client. 
You can see what sets one firm of Conveyancing Solicitors apart and find out what to look for here
One worrying aspect of the Contact Law survey was that only 17% of clients described themselves as “very loyal” towards their Solicitors; 33% “loyal” and the remaining 50% said they could happily go elsewhere next time. 
The challenge for Conveyancing Solicitors and other solicitors is to step up to the mark and avoid one “bad hair day” resulting in the loss of a client for ever!
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