‘Helping clients choose their conveyancer’

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Marketing can lead the proverbial horse to water – but how on earth do you make it drink? I think the answer is twofold. Data and clients. I say twofold – in fact both themes are closely interrelated. Data around conveyancing performance is now emerging in a format that clients can understand and compare which […]

What to consider when choosing a new case management system

If your firm is looking for a new case management system, the sheer number of options can be daunting, particularly if you need clarification on what you want from your management software. With that in mind, starting in-house and getting to grips with what you want from a case management system is essential. Many practices […]

Diary of a high street conveyancer: 17th April 2023

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This week, I took a phone call from a client I had acted for some years ago. I think all conveyancers will recognise this type of statement: “I just need you to transfer the deeds of my house into my son’s name.” I have mentioned before that my heart sinks whenever a client uses the […]

Enquiries: How can we make better sense of the challenge?

Today's Conveyancer Podcast

This latest Today’s Conveyancer podcast welcomes Chris Harris on to discuss the current state of the conveyancing market and the challenges firms face in harnessing technology to make transactions run smoother. Familiar to many, Chris has been in and around the conveyancing profession for a number of years as a practising solicitor and a panel […]