Homes for Ukraine scheme set to launch this week

Homes for Ukraine

A new refugee scheme is set to be launched by the government this week in response to the refugee crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which, according to the United Nations, has seen over 2.5 million people forced to flee their homes. The Homes for Ukraine scheme will allow people within the UK to […]

HMLR practice guide update: rentcharges (PG56)

HMLR practice guide

Practice guide 56 covers the formal apportionment and redemption of a rent or a rentcharge that affects a registered estate. The guide gives advice about the amendment of the register following an order of apportionment or a certificate of redemption given by a Secretary of State or the Welsh Parliament, or other government department where […]

More upfront information needed for commonholds – Conveyancing Association


The Conveyancing Association (CA) – the leading trade body for the conveyancing industry – has issued its formal response to the Government consultation entitled, “Reforming the leasehold and commonhold systems in England & Wales”. The CA has called for more upfront information when purchasing a commonhold through the development of a CPE1 form to be […]