Nottingham: The house of caves

Tig Guocobauc, or House of Caves as it translates, was the name given to the city of Nottingham by the chronicler to Alfred the Great in the year 893 A.D. For many of the city’s inhabitants, it is something they are quite proud of.  It helps make the city what it is today and forms […]

Halifax Price Index: stock shortages driving inflation

Halifax’s latest Price Index for November affirms recent industry reports around rising house prices and stock shortages.    The report reveals that house prices have risen for a fifth straight month, with growth now at a 15-year high taking the average UK property price to a record £272,992. Quarterly house price inflation is now at […]

LSB publishes lawyer competency consultation

The Legal Services Board (LSB) says it finds the legal profession is “out of step compared with other professions”, and that greater focus on assessing and understanding levels of competence is required. To address this, the LSB has launched a consultation on a draft statutory statement of policy on the outcomes regulators should pursue to ensure legal […]