Nikki Wood, Managing Director

Nikki is an internationally experienced environmental adviser/ project lead. She provides UK and corporates and governments with strategic and site specific sustainability and environmental assessment. She specialises in the application of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and strategic EIA (SEA) of plans and policies. She is the founder of Engain.

Nikki has extensive experience from project feasibility through to design, contract award and installation. She has led multi-functional teams (including architects, planners, engineers, surveyors), and overseen large environmental specialist teams (including air quality, noise, contaminated land studies, coastal processes) within programme and budget for
projects. She has been an expert witness for nationally significant infrastructure and complex development sites. Nikki is well-versed in interpreting European and international policy and legislation having spent eight years in civil service advising the public, media and Ministers and formulating policy on the European EIA and Habitats Directives.


What is the Environment Bill?

When the UK leaves the EU on 31st December, it also leaves behind all the environmental protections put in place via the EU. The Environment Bill was first introduced to Parliament in October 2019 to cover the gap that will be left with new environmental legislature. The aim of the Bill is to make sure […]Read More


Explaining Biodiversity Net Gain

You may have noticed the phrase ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’ appearing more often recently. It’s because it’s one of the key phrases in the government’s proposed Environment Bill. In Spring 2019, following a consultation period, it was announced that Biodiversity Net Gain would be included in the Environment Bill, the legislation being introduced to replace the […]Read More