A reflection on National Conveyancing Week

As the curtain falls on another successful National Conveyancing Week, I consider the opinions shared over the course of the programme and question, with this renewed sense of togetherness, how we keep that enthusiasm up

“The drink and our industry have a long and fruitful friendship” It’s a well-known fact that the legal industry is one of the more stressful professions a person can choose. Long days, busy workloads and

With four generations spanning Boomers, Gen Z, Millennials and Gen A, modern workforces are the most age diverse they have ever been. With the benefits of office based working, flexible hours and advances in technology,

It’s been a mixed few weeks at Aconveyancing. In the last six weeks alone, I’ve taken part in panel discussions, podcasts, webinars, roundtables. Loads of really exiting, proactive work alongside some very talented and inspiring

In response to the number of conveyancers leaving the industry over the last 10 years, many firms have excelled in establishing facilities and programmes that are dedicated to finding, training and advancing the carers of

The negative mindset towards know your client procedures (KYC) is something that runs across the industry and I have noticed an increased frustration in the last few years especially. I know many conveyancers have approached

four-day working week

Natalie Moore, founder and director of Aconveyancing, highlights the impact of the four-day working week at her firm It was announced last week that the majority of companies taking part in the world’s largest trial

Most firms work hard to create a culture where employees feel encouraged to speak up internally, but this doesn’t always translate in the same way to professional forums online. When talking with many of my

Capitalise on the downturn, we won’t be quiet for long Last week I was delighted to join Joe Pepper and David Opie in conversation about new industry research conducted and analysed by tmgroup. This survey

pathways for the Leaders of Tomorrow

How small and mid-sized firms can support the growth of a more diverse workforce To say that a career in law has historically attracted financially affluent white students (mainly male, but not exclusively), would not

setting up a conveyancing firm

I set up Aconveyancing in 2017, after many years of working with firms of all sizes. My intention was to take the best parts of all those previous companies and merge them into my own.

leaders of tomorrow

It’s fair to say that the next generation of conveyancers are more comfortable working alongside new technology, and with a digital evolution driving rapid change across the industry, the administrative side of the job will


Halfway through the year marks a good time to pause and consider what we have already achieved and what lies ahead for the next six months. Whether Covid forced us to re-evaluate the way conveyancers

“If we lose women in their forties and early fifties, it jeopardises opportunities for future female conveyancers” – Aconveyancing’s director Natalie Moore talks about the importance of menopause awareness in the workplace. With over 50


“What is the point in keeping the best information under your hat if the only person it benefits is you?” Last month, I was invited to take part in a podcast recorded by Today’s Conveyancer

Natalie Moore, founder and director of Aconveyancing discusses her plans for being one of the first UK companies to trial the 4-day working week. The challenges of the past two years have certainly shone a

I’d be confident in saying that most conveyancers will gladly wave goodbye to 2021.  Despite it being a successful year for many, with the stamp duty holiday boosting our caseloads, the intensity and uncertainty brought

How one company director is using the pandemic to review staff structure and practices

As it’s becoming clear that the pandemic isn’t ending anytime soon, conveyancers across the UK are responding to a new wave of vulnerable clients… With the likelihood of a 4th lockdown looking possible and the

Last year I was lucky enough to be mentored by an industry-leading expert, someone who has established, grown and sold iconic property businesses.   He was impressed that our relatively new conveyancing firm had grown so

The last eighteen months have been a particularly busy time for conveyancers, with some of us only just coming up for air as the Stamp Duty holiday deadline looms in the next few weeks. On