Mark Riddick, Chair at Search Acumen


The Politics of Property

This year’s Real Estate Symposium Dinner is on September 18th. As always, this event is an opportunity for the key providers of home buying and selling services to look to the future and discuss how upcoming events and developments will affect our marketplace. Probably the most significant upcoming event for our industry is the General […]Read More


Intelligent Conveyancing – The Future is not what it used

Some of you may have seen the April Fool we published in Today’s Conveyancer last week ( Of course, it was a bit of fun — even if the anagrammatic Olaf Lipor did not agree! But it was also designed to feed the current industry debate on how an increasingly sparse conveyancing human resource can […]Read More


Smash the Machine?

Smash the Machine? The whole fracking debate has got me thinking about how we fail to embrace the opportunities that new technologies bring. The fracking protesters seem, to me, to be a combination of modern-day Luddites and NIMBY[1] reactionaries with a blinkered view of the world based on either ignorance or self-interest.  Or maybe they are […]Read More


The Perfect Storm

  At 6:30am last Monday morning, at the peak of the St Jude Storm, I was strapped into a seat on a plane taxiing into an 80 mph headwind.  With no fuss whatsoever it accelerated down the runway and took off.  After a couple of mildly anxious minutes we were above the storm and enjoying […]Read More