Daniel Hamilton-Charlton, Managing Director and Founder of Property Searches Direct

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Does ID/AML have to be a drama?

The recent thought-provoking ITV drama “Our Home” highlighted the possible nightmare scenario of going away for a few days and coming back to find strangers moving into your house. A cleverly orchestrated fraud (if a little too simplistic) sees a London home sold fraudulently, demonstrating real challenges that exist in our system if quite simple […]Read More

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Digital property logbooks: levelling up to higher industry standards

Like it or not, conveyancers aren’t the first in the queue when sellers eventually get round to moving. On average once every 23 years or so home movers gird their loins and through gritted teeth call estate agents for the dreaded valuation.  As the first agent pulls up outside it becomes apparent that things have […]Read More

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The SDLT ‘Cliff Edge’ is just one of thousands, isn’t

It is amazing to see so much chatter and debate about the SDLT deadline and how everyone is going to make it; whether it should be extended or feathered out or remain a ‘cliff edge’. But everyone appears to have forgotten that every single transaction has a ‘cliff edge’ irrespective of SDLT, that is invariably […]Read More