Multilingual property seekers – how well could you advise them?

Due to an expanding demographic, estate agents in London are finding themselves in need of multilingual staff. Our diverse nation is increasingly changing the face of the property market – should conveyancing firms take note?

Marketing for conveyancers

Statistics for the third quarter of 2014 from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) demonstrate significant quarterly growth in both house purchases and remortgage activity within Greater London. According to the data, the amount of

Marketing for conveyancers

The property industry, particularly conveyancing, invites a multitude of complications and a vast array of rules, regulations and requirements that can become frustrating to consumers. At Today’s Conveyancer, we’re delving into the trials and tribulations

Veyo, the new home conveyancing portal developed as a Law Society joint venture with Mastek UK, is due to launch in spring 2015. Heather Cameron of Today’s Conveyancer has conducted an exclusive interview with Chief

Completed sales transactions in the home buying market have seen an incredible 9% surge following the recent slowdown – but not in the regions you’d expect. According to last month’s House Price Index for England

The Department for Communities and Local Government have released figures showing the housing supply within England has seen the highest surge level within the past 12 years. In the past year alone, the number of

Minds + Machines – registry for the new .law and .abogado domains have announced eligibility requirements for second level domains in .law and .abogado. These top level domains are due to be launched in 2015,

Marketing for conveyancers

The latest report released by Which? has shown stiff competition within the mortgage lending market is forcing borrowers to pay increasingly costly and confusing fees. Consumers are now said to be facing over 40 different

It has been announced the government will be pressing on with plans to alter fracking regulations for firms, as part of the Infrastructure Bill. This proposal has been discussed within the House of Lords earlier

“Bogus” law firms are those who are not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and claim they have the authority to perform reserved legal services. They are behaving unlawfully and are often at the

Covenants on leasehold titles are in many instances not an issue, as most don’t require the consent of the landlord. When covenants do apply to a property, the landlord must enter them into the property

Plans of a Regulatory Reform have been discussed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Board and further steps have been agreed to put the proposed changes into practice. All the plans must be approved by